Monday, November 21, 2016


Its my graduation day!
Master of Science
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak 

My endless appreciation and gratefulness to my beloved parents, 
Mr. Nahrud Suil and Mdm. Nurdiana Tuppu 
for their unequivocal sacrifices to ascertain better life and education for me. 
I am sincerely indebted and thankful to my other family members especially for my beloved sisters 
(Kak Suriani, Kak Asmah and Adik Mira)
Endless encouragements and love from all of you are my strength 
 to love on and enable me to accomplish this journey successfully.

My sincere appreciation and greatest gratitude to 
my supervisor (Dr. Rebicca Edward) and 
my co-supervisor (Prof. Dr. Hamsawi Sani)
 for their patient guidance, valuable advices and continuous encouragement along my study.
Thank you Dr.
Thank you Prof. 
May Allah bless your life.

Special thanks to all my labmates 
(Norhashimah, Chen Mei Yin, Fong Yin Mei, Cherrie Lim, Siti Nur Sarah, 
Gibson Entuni, Rozalia, Eveline Kong, Hasmah, Arifin, Fatihah)
Not forget to my cute friends
Nuramalina, Taharah - my partner in crime 
Hiew Irene, Husna - My best housemate at Alamanda College
Fathiah, Aina Syuhaida, Norakliliriana, Elfeyra Syazana, Nurul Saadah, Anita, Nisa - 
My best and happy housemate at Dahlia College
Aisyaturradiah, Aliza, Erwina - The one who help me during my first week at UNIMAS
and other people whose names I cannot recall instantly
 but helped me directly and indirectly to complete my study.
Thank you for your friendship, continuous help, companionship, 
encouragement and moral support during the entire period study at UNIMAS.
Thank you very much!!

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli haalin

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